Wednesday, September 15, 2021

About Us

About Us

Our unique creative voice, curiosity and ability make us SouthEastFieldDays.

SouthEastFieldDays is a people company. At the heart of what we do to produce great content, distribute it widely and engage audiences and advertisers would be the extraordinary individuals that bring it all together. The distinctive traits of these individuals are jointly what forms our identity. Our individuality is what makes us stand out from others.

We believe in SouthEastFieldDays and celebrate our history and our future alike. We’ll never settle. We challenge the status quo looking for the new, the different, the innovative, the ground-breaking. We’re fearless, always with integrity.

Our identity acts as a guide. It informs how we do business and sets an expectation for how we behave with one another. At the centre of our identity are passion, creativity and ambition. In all that we do, our belief in our brand and the pride of being a part of SouthEastFieldDays shines through.


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